An application to mine models from open source repositories

Authors: Sayed Mohsin Reza, Khondoker Rahad, and Dr. Omar Badreddin

The ModelMine is developed to mine model-based repositories (.uml, .xmi, etc.), code files and commits details. In addition to that, several filter techniques are integrated with ModelMine. Filter by programming language, minimum & maximum size, minimum & maximum popularity, minimum & maximum creation date and pushed date are available in current version of ModelMine.

Evaluation Published Research
The work has been published in ACM conference. Citation information is given below.
[1] Sayed Mohsin Reza, Omar Badreddin, and Khandoker Rahad. ModelMine: A Tool to Facilitate Mining Models from Open Source Repositories. In 2020 ACM/IEEE 23rdInternational Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems(MODELS). ACM, 2020
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** Other research used ModelMine to facilitate their research.
[1] K. Rahad, O. Badreddin, and S. Reza, “The Human in MDE Loop: A Case Study on Integrating Handwritten Code in Model-Driven Engineering Repositories" Accepted for publication at the Journal of Software Practice and Experience, 2021.
[2] K. Rahad, O. Badreddin, and S. Reza, “Characterization of Software Design and Collaborative Modeling in Open-Source Projects.” Accepted for publication at the 9th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, 2021.
[3] Sayed Moshin Reza, Md. Mahfujur Rahman, Hasnat Parvez, OmarBadreddin, and Shamim Al Mamun. Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Approaches in Software Complexity Prediction. In 2020 International Conference on Trends in Computational and Cognitive Engineering (TCCE), Springer, 2020.