Research Projects


A peer-peer review management system for research development
Tags: Business project
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Deep Learning-based Automatic Tumor Detection

A deep learning model which automatically detects
Tags: Class project
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Data Mining from Twitter

An application to mine tweets from Twitter
Tags: NSF research project
NSF Award Abstract # 2137708 РBPC-DP: Coding Like a Data Miner: A Culturally Relevant Data Analytics Intervention for High School Students [ Details ]
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An application to mine models from Open Source Repositories
Tags: research project
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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Reports & Interactive Map 

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Urban Heat Island Effect in the Borderland

An app to visualize the UHI effect in El Paso, Texas area.
Tags: class project
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CO2 Behavioral Analysis

Direct Respiratory Analysis through CO2 Behavioral Analysis
NSF Award Abstract # 1602428 – SCH: EXP: RadiOptiMeter: Long-Term and Fine-Grained Breathing Volume Monitoring for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) [ Details ] [ PDF ] [ YouTube ] [ YouTube2 ]


  • Developed the Sonargaon University Journal Archive System. [ ]
  • Developing Video Synchronization System.
  • Developing Pro-invoice System.
  • Developed Nari Nirapatta  (Android Application with Web services) in National Hackathon organized by Bangladesh ICT Division in 2014.
  • Developed Post Masters in IT(PMIT) Admission Apply System in 2013. It is now currently used to admit the students of PMIT in JU.
  • Developed Result Processing System(RPS) for JU admission with IIT teachers in 2013 and 2012.
  • Developed Hall Management System(HMS) with IIT teachers to deploy on a hall to survey.